A Guide to CEO-ship for Inspired Feminine Leaders

The F*ck the Glass Ceiling book is for every feminine entrepreneur who wants to scale up her organization without sacrificing her authentic self or compromising her respect for the contributions of ‘the masculine’ in this fascinating analysis of small to mid-market business ownership.

Mandy exposes the gap between what big corporations say and what they do preaching gender diversity even as they overlook what makes top feminine talent perform best.

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Whether you’re a classically-trained executive or a budding solopreneur, F*ck the Glass Ceiling will optimize the way you play the business game. For women who desire to lead teams and grow enterprises, Mandy’s successful business track record and coaching background nourish them with vital tactics, tricks, and tips for how to get started, why to get started, and then how to navigate the high-pressure world of business ownership.

At times irreverent and politically incorrect, she pulls no punches on sharing her experiences with harnessing both masculine and feminine energies in the workplace for maximum results and value while being true to your own essence.


As an active serial entrepreneur,

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In response to the “Great Reset” in which world and national leaders have erroneously shut down the economy and killed off millions of jobs and small businesses that will never come back, I believe the answer is for a whole new wave of small businesses to pop up… pronto.

Once you’ve decided to start a company, you should know the real reason behind the absence of females at the top leadership levels of business, where a large percentage of women have “dropped out” of the game. That reason is that most hierarchical businesses aren’t set up to support feminine high-performance. 

So, when you become an entrepreneur, it’s important to set up your company that way. To do that, you can ignore the “way it’s always been done”. F*ck the Glass Ceiling is a manual for any feminine leader interested in sustaining all the aspects of her life AND growing a business that creates jobs and wealth.

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Mandy credits her ability to succeed in highly competitive environments by activating each of her team member’s capacity to connect to his/her best future self. She holds certifications in High-Performance Leadership Coaching and Conscious Language & Outcome Facilitation. She’s conducted seminars on breakthrough performance, authentic success, wealth wisdom for women, the language of creation, imagination activation, conflict resolution, CEO-ship for start-ups, customer service, clear agreements, building teams, and sales.

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Check out my latest blog articles below.  I’ll cover the topics you’ll need to sustain your leadership inspiration in today’s world.

What to Do With Perfectionism as a Feminine Leader

What to Do With Perfectionism as a Feminine Leader

The following is adapted from F*ck the Glass Ceiling: Start at the Top (and Stay There) as a Feminine Entrepreneur. Just like it’s impossible to sustain a whole house being perfectly clean and organized while occupying it, achieving perfection in a company is also...

Consensus vs. Commands as a Leader

Consensus vs. Commands as a Leader

The following is adapted from F*ck the Glass Ceiling:  As a leader, every time you face a decision, you have two choices: you can come to an agreement with your team about what to do (consensus), or you can dictate what’s to be done (commands). Like many things in...

Leading with Love

Leading with Love

The following is adapted from F*ck the Glass Ceiling: Start at the Top (and Stay There) as a Feminine Entrepreneur. For decades, business books have asked leaders to memorize sets of rules or dogmas as to how we should think or act to be successful. In doing so, in...

My goal is to help you be inspired and earn wealth while you help heal the world economy. If enough of you are successful, we can help add a balance of masculine and feminine to every level of leadership without taking away from the thrill of the business game, the competitiveness of companies, the drive to innovate, or profitable outcomes that create sustainable livelihoods.

Mandy Cavanaugh