The F*ck the Glass Ceiling book is for every feminine entrepreneur who wants to scale up her organization without sacrificing her authentic self or compromising her respect for the contributions of ‘the masculine’ in this fascinating analysis of small to mid-market business ownership.



A Guide to CEO-ship for Inspired Feminine Leaders

Mandy exposes the gap between what big corporations say and what they do preaching gender diversity even as they overlook what makes top feminine talent perform best.

Whether you’re a classically-trained executive or a budding solopreneur, F*ck the Glass Ceiling will optimize the way you play the business game. For women who desire to lead teams and grow enterprises, Mandy’s successful business track record and coaching background nourish them with vital tactics, tricks, and tips for how to get started, why to get started, and then how to navigate the high-pressure world of business ownership.

At times irreverent and politically incorrect, she pulls no punches on sharing her experiences with harnessing both masculine and feminine energies in the workplace for maximum results and value while being true to your own essence.

“When a woman’s life is in alignment with her truest needs, everyone wins- from her clients to her employees, to her family. It’s one of the most valuable but underrated accomplishments of an inspired feminine leader’s journey. She designs her business around the whole of her desires, which serves as a blueprint for her longevity and the leadership game…

…That’s why I recommend organizing your business to serve you, and not the other way around. If not, you can expect burnout and general dissatisfaction. I want to show you how living your best life possible is not only a destination but the path to success.”

– Mandy

Embrace Your Inspired Feminine Leadership

For almost three decades, Mandy has powered through the tough challenges of business ownership growing companies into top-tier status within their industries. Now, she will teach you how to do the same. Merging high-performance coaching models MBA skills, and her own experience.

In this book, she shows you how to embrace your own inspired feminine leadership, dissolve your ingrained barriers (like perfectionism), and do the unthinkable (like enlisting masculine support) to play your business game, create jobs, build wealth, and f*ck the glass ceiling.