Mandy Cavanaugh’s passion for leadership, entrepreneurship, and helping people thrive has fueled her roles as CEO, consultant, facilitator, and workshop leader.

Source Leadership Training

“Some call it Flow. Others call it being connected to Source. I like to call it tuning into the field of possibility, an access point for humanity to remember its unlimited nature. I love tuning leaders to this very field to spark coherent, effective solutions and uniting people to a shared vision that atones with their heart”.

– Mandy

Source Leadership Training is for leaders who are ready to:

  • turn away from the headwinds of separation and ego-based thinking in their organizations to move forward with greater alignment and coherence
  • transform cultures of sloppy agreements, unconscious language, and overly mental models for setting and achieving goals
  • leverage personal and collective mind-heart coherence to moving initiatives forward
  • move people beyond their intellects and into their hearts allows a multi-dimensional, higher order of understanding and creation

Commercialization Consulting

Mandy assists companies, communities, and agencies in creating new, sustainable revenue streams by:

  • thinking unconventionally
  • recognition of patterns that allow for discovering untapped strengths and synergies
  • injecting enthusiasm for fresh opportunities into employees, clients, and suppliers

Diversity Consulting

How to get the ‘right number’ of females into leadership without political, financial, or performance-related cost. It’s possible to step beyond the failed modern models of what makes gender diversity flourish and create a hospitable environment for feminine high-performance, resulting in more significant opportunities for women in leadership without diminishing the masculine perspective and presence.

Modern Diplomacy Training

“I find organizations and agencies that find the old methods of deception, quid pro quo, and exploitation uninteresting and unsustainable. While institutions that deploy these practices are crumbling under their own weight, a new type of leader is emerging- one who embodies a coherent, non-dualistic vision for the future.”

– Mandy

Modern diplomacy training helps current leaders fill existing and future credibility gaps by transitioning from operating behind thin social veneers into deeper authenticity and remain relevant through the 21st century.

Corporate Soul Retrieval

Corporate Soul Retrieval is a specialty service to heal organizations from economic or cultural trauma or loss caused by inside or outside forces. Further description is available upon request.