Four Signs You’re Ready for a Quantum Shift in Inspired Leadership

by | Sep 16, 2020

1 – You start to forgive things and people in advance. You catch yourself before being offended or reacting to people’s negativity, realizing it’s their fear or ego talking rather than a personal attack or something you need to be concerned about. It’s different from not caring what people think. (When someone says they don’t care what people think, they actually deeply care.) When you transcend worrying about other people’s reactions and their ego concerns, you’re honoring their human spirit and trusting them to draw their highest choice to themselves. You do a lot less explaining and fixing people. Take the quantum leap: Forgive everything and everyone in advance. If someone cuts you off in traffic, bless them and their family. If you have an opponent in business, be grateful for the challenge. Before having a challenging conversation, affirm “I AM love” and stick to that when talking.

2 –  You stop complaining. Whereas before, you consumed energy from the quantum field by complaining and getting attention for it, while now you generate energy. Before you might not think twice about mixing up a stress hormone cocktail (adrenaline or cortisol anyone?) in your body and then thrive off the intensity. Now, you feel drained after you go on a rant. You can sense that your thoughts have energy, so you practice not putting those negative thought impulses into existence a lot more often. Take the quantum leap: From your positive vibe, how good can you stand it? How many colleagues can you find that have a peaceful, optimistic, constructive outlook? How many projects can you let go of that take your lights out? Which ones would crack your heart open?

3 – You’re experiencing synchronicities of great magnitude. If your life is flowing easier and your results seem to be “coming to you” with ease, you may be more connected to source intelligence. Living as a vision of the future instead of a story about the past is something you’re receptive to, and this alignment is raising your frequency from particle to wave. Modern science has now joined spiritual philosophers in saying we’re all creating in the quantum field as interdimensional beings whether we realize it or not. So, consciously choosing what you say and what you think is an act of manifestation.. but you already know that. Take the quantum leap: If you haven’t already, connect to the growing study of conscious language, develop a meditation and connect to the unified field more frequently, and discover the art of lucid dreaming.

4 – You have more moments of joy sparked by a deep, ecstatic appreciation for being alive. You see everyone and everything as alright. These moments might be triggered on purpose through meditation, movement/exercise, activities leading to a sense of Oneness, or having a mentor that shows you the way. If joyful feelings occur more frequently and when you least expect, it could indicate that focusing your intent on mastering elevated emotions has been working. Take the quantum leap: Rid yourself of all sustained pressure. Knowing your survival is handled, allow harmony in your environment. Let go of the programs that say stress and worry are necessary or even heroic. Let negative thought forms move through your awareness without getting trapped or verbally processing them. They’re contagious. Instead, let your sentence be a pebble in the water and allow the effects to be symmetrical, concentric, and beautiful.