While working with Mandy, I saw how she had created a team that was focused on execution and delivery to achieve very high customer satisfaction. She built a company of top quality people and thorough, well-developed processes that work extremely well together to produce superior, customer-satisfying results.


Chief Financial Officer, Audit/Consulting Co.

Mandy is a visionary leader with a very broad grasp on corporate leadership. She is open-minded and a fine collaborator. Mandy is excellent at identifying key success factors, gathering information and finally, being a decisive executor of a solid action plan. She can make the tough decisions and focuses on the issues that will make a difference.


Vice President of Business Development, Pharmaceutical Co.

Mandy specializes in working with clients to achieve mutual satisfaction for all. I cannot say enough things about Mandy and her abilities; she is an asset to any organization she’s involved with.

Executive Vice President, Audit/Consulting Co.

Mandy is an insightful consultant who sees a company’s internal dynamics and creates a system for employees and management to produce and perform to their highest potential.

Business Owner, Grocery Supply Co.

Those who have worked with Mandy love her leadership style and approach! She’s fast to get things done, a quick study, and can assimilate data and extract the salient and relevant action steps as a result.

Chief Executive Officer, Coaching/Training/Publications Co

I had the extreme pleasure of working closely with Mandy during the process of upgrading my company’s operations. As a high-line consultant, I found Mandy to be very intelligent and intuitive. She developed a very detailed plan of action after a short investigative period. After working with many other consultants during my career, I found Mandy to be the rare exception. She got straight to the point and was fast with deliverables.

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operations Officer, Publishing Industry

If you let her, Mandy will coach you into your best Self. I never felt afraid of my future, although I knew she would enable me to do things I had never done. She sincerely wants the best for everything and everyone, and has lived a life of such success that she can actually help them become their best self.

Vice President of Sales, Hospitality/Development Industry

Mandy is a visionary who has exciting ideas. She’s fully vested in the growth of everyone around her. Her ability to think outside the box is unparalleled.


Controller, Service Industry

Mandy is an exceptional strategist and has a keen business development mind. She drives customer intimacy and uses that to improve business across the spectrum.


Vice President and General Manager, IT Industry